Bagels with Lox & The Importance of Home-cooked Meals [RECIPE]

Good Evening Friends!

I was thinking the other day about why I cook. As the weather begins to turn warmer, there are moments where the last place I want to be is in front of the stove. And yet…. I still cook. I wake up everyday, just like the rest of you, and I cook meals for my family. My husband comes home eagerly on his lunch break from work to taste a home-cooked meal. It takes time, thought, and plenty of effort. I cradled my tea cup in my hands in deep reflection wondering why I cook. It’s more than just for good food (although that is a beautiful reward in itself!). I cook because…. I can’t imagine life without good food.

Every holiday evokes memories of good food. Meeting a new neighbor, as I did recently, involved me baking a batch of scones to send over, and him sharing a bag of avocados from his yard for us. Food is a universal language. It’s a pause in the chaos of the day where we can take a few minutes to have pleasure in a meal. My 11 year old daughter has no idea what Jell-o tastes like. She has never had ravioli from a can. She hates candy, and she was clueless as to what Kool-Aid is. Seeing her clueless to such commercial, sugar-laden crap makes me happy. She is growing up with recipes embedded in her brain. She helps me in the kitchen and asks questions about the things I prepare.

Food involves time. It involves people. It sends us to the market, and makes us think about where our ingredients come from. Perhaps it sends us to the local farmers market to get the most fresh ingredients? We can even make a new friend or two there. Food is the partner to a perfect beverage. It’s the crudite platter that is shared communally with seasonal produce. It’s the tiny sandwiches and pastries made for tea time. It’s the perfect entree to that glass of red wine.

Food is a story. It’s the recipes passed down from generation to generation. The dish that you stumble across, and find yourself diving into another culture unique from your own. It’s the scrappy dishes evolved and born in barrios and war-torn areas where food is scarce and each bite is a blessing. I can’t imagine a life without good food. Food is of the same importance as music. It’s simply an integral part of life. What about you? What does food make you think of?

And now, let’s take a look at today’s recipe. 🙂

Bagels with lox, specifically Everything Bagels with Lox, reminds me of many get together’s long ago with my Jewish side of the family. There wasn’t a Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, or simply brunch that went by without bagels and lox. (And scrambled eggs, chopped liver and onions, etc. When we nosh, we nosh a lot!). Smoked salmon isn’t cheap so I don’t eat this as often as I’d like, but when I do indulge I take my time to savor each bite. If you’re eating this the Jewish way, then do yourself a favor and grab a red onion. I know they are tart but I promise you that the cream cheese will balance everything out. An everything bagel, toasted with cream cheese, red onion, and a bit of smoked salmon on top is…. heavenly. Just try it for yourself and see. 😉 Alright, that’s it from me for today, my friends. Have a beautiful night, and as always, keep on cooking! ❤


Bagels with Lox 

Serves: 4


  • 4 Everything bagels, sliced and toasted
  • A schmear (1-2 tbsp.) of cream cheese, per bagel
  • 1 slice of red onion, per bagel
  • 8 ounces smoked salmon


  1. Toast your bagel.
  2. Smear on 1-2 tbsp. of whipped cream cheese.
  3. Place a red onion round slice on top.
  4. Top with smoked salmon slices.
  5. Chow down! You’ve earned it! ❤

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